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All Financial Advisors should be delivering massive value through tax planning. We are very outspoken about this one. This is not because it’s easy, it’s because it impacts everyone. Every financial decision you recommend to a client has a tax effect, great advisors are doing something about it.


This is a self-guided membership that gives you access to powerful resources that great Advisors are using to deliver massive value to their clients through tax planning. With new resources every month along with a community to learn from this Membership will help transform the way you approach tax planning.


We only share proven effective systems and processes in the RTS Essentials Membership to make sure you get better results for your business asap. The same systems we use in our own practices.

This is why everything in the Membership is built to enable you to have more freedom, work more efficiently and enhance your client acquisition practices.


Resources in the RTS Essentials Membership are available on our easy to navigate digital platform, allowing you to access the exclusive content and tools whenever you need them.

We aim to help you work even more passionately towards your goals and we do not want to waste your time, but to inspire you. It’s a lifestyle after all.


The RTS Essentials Membership is best suited for Advisors who are really good at taking an example of what works and duplicating it for use in their own practice, by themselves.
Also best suited for Advisors who are not quite ready to make a substantial investment in their success yet.


➡️ Tax checklists and resources
Whether it’s year end planning or simply a tax reference guide designed by and for financial advisors, we provide tools to help make tax planning more valuable for you and your clients.
 - Client facing communications;
 - Estimated tax payment guide;
 - Tax birthdays and milestones;
 - "My first rental" checklist;
 - Top ten myths your clients believe;
 - And so many more...

➡️ Monthly newsletter
Deep dive on a specific tax topic that covers the technical details AND how to deliver value to real clients. Our newsletters include input from great Financial Advisors who are currently serving clients and doing the things we are recommending. Which means we know they work! We always include scripts and example emails so you know how to communicate these topics.

➡️ Tax return reviews
Once per quarter you can submit a tax return (we recommend a prospect or top client so you get the most value) for our team to review and provide insight.

➡️ Growing library of tax return review videos by the RTS Tax Team
With permission from our members, we redact the personal information from returns we receive and share the videos from our review with the community. So even though you only get to submit one return per quarter you are able to learn from a variety of REAL client situations each quarter as our library continues to grow.

➡️ Member Exclusive Webinars
Everything we do is focused on “what works” for financial advisors, which is why we are committed to bringing you monthly live content that is co-hosted by Steven Jarvis, our resident Head CPA AND a financial advisor currently serving clients. This is also another opportunity for our members to ask questions. All sessions are recorded and made available on-demand to our members.

➡️ Members forum
This is your chance to engage with the RTS community and as a bonus the forum is moderated by our RTS Tax Team.
If you are ready to get serious about transforming not only your Financial Advisory practice but your entire LIFE, It's time you decide which path 
you want to go down.


The RTS Tax Team is headed up by a nationally recognized CPA, Steven Jarvis, and the RTS Leadership team includes industry leading CFPs. 

That collaboration is a key element to RTS and something that sets us apart from almost every tax offering on the market. We built a system that we know works with financial advisors and their clients because it was built in collaboration with financial advisors who are currently practicing and using the services that RTS offers.


Since joining the Retirement Tax Services last year my knowledge of tax planning has grown exponentially.

- Ethan M.
Huge fan of what you are doing. It's provided me so much value and insight on issues & topics which are vital to my practice yet often go overlooked by advisors.

- Ben S.
Retirement Tax Services is easily one of the best investments I have made. Just in the last week, I helped a client catch an error on their 1099-R that would have caused them to pay taxes twice. 

- Ethan M.
This is exactly what the industry needs. I only wish you would have started sooner.

- Dean B.

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