You Spoke and We Listened ACTED!
Coming soon: the improved and greatly simplified RTS Tax Payer Portal

One of the many great pieces of feedback we got from taxpayers and their financial advisors was that our tax portal was… challenging and not always consistent, which only made the hassle of gathering tax documents that much worse during tax filing season. As always, we took your feedback to heart and are in the process of revamping and greatly streamlining the process for getting your documents to our tax team.

While this transition is happening all of your documents and personal information are being securely maintained. You will not have to resubmit any documents you previously provided.

Once the portal update is complete, everything will be a click away, but in the meantime the RTS Team is happy to help you access anything you need, So please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Right now, the fastest, easiest and most secure method to submit your documents is to simply use this form, which will securely provide your documents directly to the RTS Team.

If you would like access to your online document vault to see what you’ve already uploaded and/or to get access to copies of your tax documents, we are happy to help. Please use this link to schedule a time with RTS team to help you access your documents. If you need a copy of something more urgently please email us at or call 907-313-6902.
***IMPORTANT REMINDER FOR ALL THINGS TAX & TECHNOLOGY: Similar to the adage ‘innocent until proven guilty’, please assume that every phone call & email you receive about taxes, technology and/or money is fraud, until proven otherwise. When in doubt, call your advisor or our tax team directly.***
**PLEASE NOTE: As with all other financial services, the RTS team and will NEVER call or email asking for your password or your email/phone security code.**
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