2023 Next Level 
Tax Planning Summit Agenda

Location - Virgin Hotel Las Vegas, NV

Registration Day - September 27th

5:30 pm - Summit Registration + Cornhole and Cigars
This is your first of many chances to network with our speakers, sponsors, and your fellow attendees. Check-in, register, and pick up your name badge before spending the evening in a more casual setting before we dive in on Thursday. Cigars and cornhole are provided by our Title Sponsor: Belay.

6:30 pm - 7:30  pm - “Mini Mastermind” with Matthew Jarvis, CFP® ChFC & Micah Shilanski, CFP® The Perfect RIA

Ever wonder what it is M&M do in their masterminds that leaves each advisor wanting to puke in a bucket, only to transform their practice in the upcoming months? Join us during this mini mastermind session to find out.

#1 Conference Day - September 28th

7:15 am - Breakfast and Late Registration
8:15 am - Conference Welcome and Kick-off
8:45 am - Building Your 2024 Tax Planning TEAM Calendar - Matthew Jarvis, CFP® ChFC

Knowing tax strategies is completely different than being able to efficiently and effectively have your TEAM implement these strategies for your clients. Jarvis Financial Services (RIA, Seattle area, ~$160m AUM) has been providing clients with hyper-efficient tax planning for years. With all of the supporting work done by his team, in less than 1-hr of his time, Matthew Jarvis will do Roth Conversion analysis for all 120 of his clients in preparation for Fall Surge. Learn to build your own year-round, TEAM-run tax planning systems, including Roth Conversion, 1099 Letter & Charitable Planning (QCD & DAF). BONUS: How to get tax data directly from the IRS (Form 8821).

9:45 am - Morning Break (Coffee and Networking)

10:00 am - Tax “Advice” and Compliance - Leila Shaver
Advisors from the smallest RIA to the biggest BD are incorporating taxes into their client service WITH the blessing of compliance. An Attorney specializing in working with Financial Advisors, Leila Shaver will teach attendees how to navigate the actual rules around tax planning and stop being scared of the bogeyman including sharing real-world examples of what you could actually get in trouble for. BONUS - Leila has graciously agreed to a live Q&A at the end of her session so come ready with your questions or reservations on implementing taxes in your practice.

11:00 am - All Things Roth - Steven Jarvis, CPA
Is there anything better than tax-free? In this session, RTS Head CPA, Steven Jarvis will take this topic that makes great click bait headlines and dive into the real-world scenarios that make it an incredible opportunity, when done right. We’ll assume you know the basics so Steven will focus on more complex areas like intentionally increasing IRMAA to get Roth conversions done and how to deal with cream in the coffee (i.e. the IRS’s pro rata rule that scares people away from backdoor Roth contributions).
12:00 pm - Morning Recap and Action Items

Information only has value if you put it into practice. We are building in time to make sure you walk away committed to putting what you learn into practice.

12:15 pm - 1:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm - 1:20 pm Optional Bonus Session: Wealth.com presents “How fast can you build an estate plan?”

1:30 pm - Physician Heal Thyself!: 9-Tax Strategies YOU should be using in your own business! (and with every small business client you have) - Micah Shilanski, CFP®

Of course, you don’t want your clients to overpay the IRS, but what about you? Are you and your practice overpaying the IRS (2 to 1 odds say you are). Join Micah Shilanski (Shilanski and Associates, Anchorage, AK, ~$300M AUM) as he walks through 9 Tax Strategies every advisor should be using in their own practice (but almost none are) to pay less in taxes. Relentlessly focused on what really works, Micah will be demonstrating these strategies using real-world tax returns from advisors and small business clients (you are welcome to submit yours… if you are brave enough).

2:30 pm - Goals Based Tax Strategies - Sheryl Rowling, CPA
Far more important than memorizing tax code or potential tax strategies is asking the right questions to understand your client's goals. In this session, Sherly Rowling will share real-life case studies that demonstrate the power of understanding a client’s unique goals AND THEN using tax planning to help solve problems. Sheryl is a CPA/Personal Financial Specialist with 30 years of experience in taxation, financial planning, investment management, and wealth advisory services. She is also the author of the CCH publication "Tax & Wealth Strategies for Family Businesses.”
3:30 pm - Afternoon Break (Coffee and Networking)
3:45 pm - Tax Planning Panel of Success - Michael Henley, Alison Brooks & Benjamin Brandt

We have invited some of the best Advisors in the industry to come and share their experience with building successful practices around tax planning. Their collective experience covers everything from scratching the surface of tax planning under the compliance rules of a wirehouse to having a CPA and tax preparation in-house. This moderated panel will provide incredible insights and an opportunity for the audience to ask questions of their peers.

5:00 pm - Day 1 Recap and Action Items
5:15 pm - End of sessions for the day
6:00 pm - VIP Dinner for RTS Essentials and Premiere Members - Bonus Content for Members Only

7:30 pm - “Optional” 12- Month Calendar to IMPLEMENT!

Nothing you learn at this event will matter if you can’t IMPLEMENT it. Join master implementers (and two of the top lifestyle advisors in the country) to map out how you will implement tax planning in your practice. Hot seat this…

No one will force you to be there, but this exercise, which will be led by the incredible team from The Perfect RIA, is one of the single biggest differentiators we’ve found in helping Advisors transform their practices. The focus will be on taking what you’ve learned today about tax planning and making sure you implement it, but if you’ve never been through the exercise before, it will be a game changer far beyond tax planning.

#2 Conference Day - September 29th

7:15 am - 8:00 am - Breakfast
8:00 am - 8:20 am Optional Bonus Session: FP Alpha presents

“Leveraging Tech Tools to Assist in Tax Planning Recommendations”

8:30 am - Day 2 Kickoff
8:45 am - Let’s Review a Tax Return - Steven Jarvis, CPA, and Micah Shilanski, CFP®
One of the most common requests the Retirement Tax Services gets from Financial Advisors is around reviewing tax returns. This session will be a hands-on case study led by two of the industries best at doing it. Steven and Micah will cover a variety of scenarios and take your questions along the way.

9:45 am - Delivering Massive Value to Clients through Estate Planning - Anne Rhodes, Chief Legal Officer, Wealth.com
Estate planning is often overlooked despite its undeniable importance within a financial plan. When there are only two things certain in life, death, and taxes, why do so few individuals have estate plans? This session will explore the crucial role of estate planning within a comprehensive financial plan. Anne will discuss specific circumstances that highlight the need for an estate plan, including a review of retirement benefit designations in light of the SECURE Act and the anticipated expiration of the doubled estate and gift tax exemption in 2026. Anne will also explore how conversations centered around estate planning can strengthen your relationship with your clients.
10:45 am - Morning Break (Coffee and Networking)
11:00 am - Conference Q&A - Led by Steven Jarvis, CPA
Throughout the conference, attendees can submit questions for our tax experts to answer as we cap off the conference and address your burning questions live. We all heard the same thing, but what will you DO exercise; Every table write out top action items “Dave - Send letter to each client asking for tax return.” If another table says your item, which is awesome, just check it off as we don’t all need to say ‘upgrade to RTS premiere’ :)

12:00 pm - Conference Wrap Up + Closing Remarks
12:15 pm - Conference concludes
Before you sprint to the airport, take time to network with your peers and our presenters, and then make sure you set aside time to commit to putting your biggest takeaways into action. This event will be full of incredible information, the value comes from you implementing what you learn.

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