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Steven has the right credentials on paper, CPA and MBA with 10+ years experience. More importantly, he partners with some of the industry's leading Financial Advisors to ensure that the recommendations he provides are useful and productive. Taxes are not a secret, but for many Advisors how to communicate effectively on this topic with clients can be a mystery. Steven’s commitment to tax planning as well as working with both Taxpayers AND Advisors gives him the ability to share what works in practice, 
not just theory.
During 2021 Steven spoke at industry conferences with a focus on “delivering massive value through tax planning”. Steven’s sessions combined great tax knowledge with the action items Advisors need to turn information into value for their clients. His sessions also include a Q&A segment, which is a highlight for attendees to get insight on the tax topics at the top of their minds.


Steven Jarvis, CPA, MBA is nationally recognized for his work with Financial Advisors and their clients. In addition to over 10 years of technical experience, Steven also spent 3 years as an adjunct professor at Whitworth University and has extensive experience presenting on technical topics. This combination of experiences makes Steven uniquely qualified to deliver an engaging presentation that prioritizes action over pontificating.

When Steven isn’t talking taxes, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, running triathlons and Spartan races, and finding new adventures. Steven is also very committed to continually improving his presentation skills, which includes taking a stand-up comedy class and delivering his first comedy set in front of a live audience.

TPR Live 2021
“By far the best CPA presentation I’ve been to”

NAPFA Fall conference 2021
During open Q&A one audience member responding to Steven’s answer with “that was worth the price of admission for this conference”
Riskalyze Fearless Investing Summit 2021
Standing room only, feedback from attendees was 
“this session should have been hosted in a bigger room”
NAPFA Fall conference 2021
Feedback provided to the conference organizer was 
“could it be longer next time”


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