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Delivering Massive Value

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With RTS Premiere, taxes are 
no longer a once a year transaction

We work with financial advisors who have felt the pain of the status quo of tax preparation and are ready for something different. Alongside the financial advisors in our community, we deliver massive value to 
our shared clients through a year round proactive tax planning and tax preparation relationship.

  • Who reviews your clients tax returns to make sure that the hard work you did on planning is reported to the IRS correctly?
  • Who prepares tax projections to make sure planning opportunities are identified when there is still time to do something about it?
  • Who monitors IRS notices on behalf of your clients?
  • Who provides a central location for financial advisors to share information with the tax professionals in their clients’ life to make the whole process less painful, more timely, and ultimately more VALUABLE?
  • Who provides a tax help desk for financial advisors to ask client specific questions to a tax team that already has that clients’ tax data?
  • Who monitors tax changes and puts out action plans for how to help your clients instead of just putting out political opinion pieces?
  • Who takes care of document retention around tax planning?
  • Who is going to stand by your client if the IRS comes with questions?
RTS Premiere can be the answer to all of these. Whether these are currently being addressed for your clients or you do some or all of them but would like to spend your time on the things that only you can do, the RTS Tax Team can help.


(Tax Partnership)

RTS is the ONLY tax service in the industry focused on serving taxpayers THROUGH their Financial Advisor AND committed to a year round tax relationship. Filing the tax return is an important step, but it is the first step, not the finish line.

➡️ All the benefits of the RTS Essentials membership, which focuses on tax planning content and resources
BONUS for tax return reviews - these reviews will happen automatically for all of your clients that sign up for the tax preparation and planning program, and in addition, you will be able to submit an extra client return for review each quarter.
➡️ Exclusive access to the RTS Tax Preparation program
Tax preparation by RTS is finally here but it is ONLY being made available to taxpayers who work with an Advisor who is an RTS Premiere member. For the 2022 tax season we will not sign up taxpayers directly into our program, no exceptions. Our focus is on delivering an exceptional experience to the taxpayers we serve AND the great financial advisors who are our members.

➡️ Tax planning and analysis by the RTS team
For clients on the RTS Premiere platform, the RTS team works with our Premiere members to create projections, identify tax planning opportunities, answer tax-related questions and help Premiere members and taxpayers understand the tax impact of various financial decisions (our team uses Holistiplan to increase quality and efficiency and shares the reports with our Premiere members). 

➡️ RTS Premiere Client Portal
This is your dashboard for submitting client specific questions to the RTS Tax Team, securely exchanging documents, checking the status of tax preparation and other value adds, providing the RTS Tax Team with any planning notes that might have a tax impact AND is one of the ways we ensure that delivering massive value to the end client is a COLLABORATION.

➡️ Coming soon: consumers who reach out to RTS without an advisor will be referred to our Premiere users
We already have taxpayers reaching out to us directly asking if they can be paired with an advisor who does the kind of tax planning we discuss and before the end of 2022, we will be more formally engaging with these consumers. There is so much power in the collaboration between advisors and tax professionals that we will match taxpayers with advisors BEFORE we start working with them.
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(Tax Resources)

All Financial Advisors should be delivering massive value through tax planning. We are very outspoken about this one. This is not because it’s easy, it’s because it impacts everyone. Every financial decision you recommend to a client has a tax effect, great advisors are doing something about it.

➡️ Monthly newsletter
Deep dive on a specific tax topic that covers the technical details AND how to deliver value to real clients. Our newsletters include input from great Financial Advisors who are currently serving clients and doing the things we are recommending. Which means we know they work! We always include scripts and example emails so you know how to communicate these topics.
➡️ Tax return reviews
Once per quarter you can submit a tax return (we recommend a prospect or top client so you get the most value) for our team to review and provide insight.

➡️ Growing library of tax return review videos by the RTS Tax Team
With permission from our members, we redact the personal information from returns we receive and share the videos from our review with the community. So even though you only get to submit one return per quarter you are able to learn from a variety of REAL client situations each quarter as our library continues to grow.

➡️ Tax checklists and resources
Whether it’s year end planning or simply a tax reference guide designed by and for financial advisors, we provide tools to help make tax planning more valuable for you and your clients.

➡️ Member Exclusive Webinars
Everything we do is focused on “what works” for financial advisors, which is why we are committed to bringing you monthly live content that is co-hosted by Steven Jarvis, our resident Head CPA AND a financial advisor currently serving clients. This is also another opportunity for our members to ask questions. All sessions are recorded and made available on-demand to our members.

➡️ Members forum
This is your chance to engage with the RTS community and as a bonus the forum is moderated by our RTS Tax Team.
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The RTS Tax Team is headed up by a nationally recognized CPA and the RTS Leadership team includes industry leading CFPs. That collaboration is a key element to RTS and something that sets us apart from almost every tax offering on the market. We built a system that we know works with financial advisors and their clients because it was built in collaboration with financial advisors who are currently practicing and using the services that RTS offers.
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Tax preparation, like so many financial services, can range in complexity. To make sure our members receive the highest quality and value from what we offer, we have a narrow focus on who we serve. Our current 
focus is on serving individuals who meet the criteria below for Moderate Complexity.
Your client has a Moderately Complex Tax Return (and is a great fit for RTS)
if any or all of the following apply to him/her:
  • Your client files a 1040 or 1040SR
  • Your client has W-2 income
  • Your client receives 1099s (no limit on how many)
  • Your client has 3 or fewer rental properties (schedule E)
  • Your client makes non-deductible IRA contributions (form 8606)
  • Your client contributes to or uses funds from a Health Savings Account (form 8889)
  • Your client has a small (under $10,000) side business that he/she fully owns with no employees
  • Your client files in his/her state of residency and up to one other state
  • Your client receives Social Security
  • Your client receives a K-1 as an indirect or passive owner (he/she is not responsible for filing the company’s return) - due to timing of when K-1s are typically sent out this will mean that your return is put on extension
  • Your client does NOT meet any of the criteria under Highly Complex below
Your client has a Highly Complex Tax Return (and is not a fit yet for RTS)
if any or all of the following apply to him/her:
  • Your client has stock based compensation
  • Your client has installment sales
  • Your client owns more than 3 rental properties
  • Your client has international income/taxes
  • Your client owns a business generating over $10,000 in income (requiring schedule C)
  • Your client files married filing separately
  • Your client files a state return in more than two states
  • Your client has unfiled tax returns for tax years other than 2018-2020 (note: an additional charge applies if multiple year's returns need to be filed)
  • Your client buys and sells cryptocurrencies
“What if they think they have moderately complex return but it turns out they have a highly complex return?”
Our first step when we take on a new client is reviewing previous tax returns. This is done as soon as the returns are provided to us, and we will notify you ASAP before we start working, so there are no surprises. If your client is not a fit for our service this year, any payments will be fully refunded and we will do our best to refer them to another professional.


Your Tax Partner For Year Round Value 

Those are just the pieces we can quantify. The RTS Tax Team’s service also:
  • Proactively identifies planning opportunities to help reduce your lifetime bill
  • ​Specializes in Retirement Taxes
  • ​Is led by a nationally recognized CPA
  • ​Provides a draft of your return to your Financial Advisor for their review and input
  • ​Provides a final copy of the return to your Financial Advisor to save you a step
  • ​Uses a secure portal to share documents between you, your Financial Advisor and our tax team
  • ​Takes care of document retention
Retail Customer - $150 per month ($1,450 paid annually)
With Tax Premiere Advisor - $67 per month ($725 paid annually)

“The tax deadline is past, what is RTS going to do for my clients from now till the end of the year?

  • IRS Form 8821 - This form allows us to receive data on behalf of a taxpayer directly from the IRS. One of our favorite things this means is that if the taxpayer ever gets a “love” letter from the IRS we will get it at the same time, if not before (because it will come electronically. This means that instead of being scared or anxious because the IRS has sent a letter our client wasn’t expecting, we can let them know the letter is coming AND what our plan is to help them address it
  • Prior Year Tax Return Review - Our team has a checklist we use to review recent tax returns for opportunities and potential issues. This also means that as you and our shared clients have tax questions we already have their return on file and can give specific, actionable recommendations.
  • Tax Resource on the Team - The sooner your clients sign up the sooner we can be available for the inevitable curve balls that life throws from a tax perspective. New job, out of state move, sale of a house, change in the family, and many other life events can benefit from proactive tax planning. And of course life never is convenient enough for all of these things to happen in February and March, which is the only time many tax preparers are thinking about your clients.
  • Lock in your spot - We are perfectly happy selling out all of our spots for next tax season before the calendar year even comes close to ending. Our focus is on year round planning and we don’t want our clients to wonder who is going to take care of them come tax filing season.
Filing a tax return is an IRS requirement, getting
massive value from a tax relationship is a choice.
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