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Are you looking to take your tax planning expertise to the next level?
At Retirement Tax Services, we're not just about theories – we're about real results.
⭐ We've developed two tailored memberships to meet all your tax planning needs: RTS Essentials and RTS Premiere.

⭐ We've distilled the most complex tax codes into easy, actionable steps so you can deliver massive value to your clients and attract new prospects effortlessly.
⭐Our memberships provide access to a powerhouse database with strategies and tools curated by seasoned Financial Advisors and backed by expert CPAs.

⭐ With RTS, you'll get the best content and real-life examples from experts in the trenches.
If you're seeking a trusted tax team to help you elevate your practice and deliver massive value to your clients, look no further – it's time to join the Retirement Tax Services Community.


RTS Essentials is a self-guided membership that gives you access to powerful resources that great Advisors are using to deliver massive value to their clients through tax planning. With new resources every month, along with a community to learn from, this Membership will help transform the way you approach tax planning.


We only share proven effective systems and processes in the RTS Essentials Membership to make sure you get better results for your business asap. The RTS Team uses these same systems in our own practice. This is why everything in the Membership is built to enable you to have more freedom, work more efficiently and enhance your client acquisition practices.


Resources in the RTS Essentials Membership are available on our easy to navigate digital platform, allowing you to access the exclusive content and tools whenever you need them. We aim to help you work even more passionately towards your goals and we do not want to waste your time, but to inspire you. 


The RTS Essentials Membership is best suited for Advisors who are really good at taking an example of what works and duplicating it for use in their own practice, by themselves. This is not a “done for you solution” but we provide a community of like minded advisors and everything we do has a focus on helping you take action. 


This first year of RTS Premiere was everything I could have wanted!
- Chad C.
 Since joining Retirement Tax Services last year my knowledge of tax planning has grown exponentially.
- Ethan M.
 Huge fan of what you are doing. It's provided me so much value and insight on issues and topics which are vital to my practice yet often go overlooked by advisors.
- Ben S.
 The RTS team is doing fantastic work. There isn't another service out there like yours, and it is needed in our industry 
- Randy K.


 As a Premiere member you get the benefit of the Essentials Membership: Access a wealth of tax planning resources and materials. This includes webinars, checklists, reference guides, and the opportunity to earn credits for further learning with our masterclasses. Additionally, there is the option of one tax review return each quarter.
 RTS Tax Planning Summit: Participate in the industry’s ONLY tax planning event that is action-oriented start to finish. Plenty of people will read you the tax code and share their opinion. This is the only event where an entire room of advisors and everyone on stage is committed to sharing what really works in practice.
 VIP Gathering at RTS Tax Summit: As a Premiere member, enjoy VIP access to the RTS Tax Summit for exclusive networking opportunities with fellow Premiere members.
 White-Labeled Documents: Deliver massive value to your clients while saving time by utilizing our white-labeled documents branded with your identity. Gain access to guides on online IRS payments, the Tax Buckets Worksheet, and many more, including all new monthly content released by RTS.
 Office Hours with Steven Jarvis, CPA: Gain access to exclusive calls with Steven Jarvis, CPA, one of the most prominent CPAs in the industry. Receive expert insight, participate in collective learning experiences with fellow Premiere Members and connect with peers.
 Quarterly Value Adds You Can Send to Clients: Stay informed throughout the year with insights on what to communicate to your clients each quarter, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. We will give you what we are sending to ours.
 Initial Strategy Call: Kickstart your RTS journey with a tailored strategy session led by our dedicated team, setting you up for success.
 TaxWise Retirement Guides: Showcase your commitment to delivering tax value by being listed on our website as a TaxWise Retirement Guide, demonstrating your dedication to excellence as an advisor. (releasing in Q3, 2024).
 Bonus Access with Special Member Pricing to The Perfect RIA event of the year, TPR LIVE.


It's time you decide which path you want to go down...


The RTS Tax Team is headed up by a nationally recognized CPA, Steven Jarvis, and the RTS Leadership team includes industry leading CFPs.

That collaboration is a key element to RTS and something that sets us apart from almost every tax offering on the market. We built a system that we know works with financial advisors and their clients because it was built in collaboration with financial advisors who are currently practicing and using the services that RTS offers.

If you are ready to transform your Financial Advisory practice and your entire LIFE, it's time to join our RTS community.

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