Meet A Tax-Wise Retirement Guide
Preparing for and navigating retirement requires planning in numerous areas, including taxes! Along that journey, it’s important to get a second opinion to make sure you are on the right course (and, in some cases, to enlist a guide moving forward). 

By partnering with a Financial Planning team that helps hundreds of people along their journey, we are able to bring you the opportunity to get insight about your journey. The team at Shilanski & Associates is completely separate from the Retirement Tax Podcast but has clients working with Steven Jarvis, CPA, so he has personally seen the quality of work they do. Often, there is as much as a six-month wait for these meetings, but we have worked with the Shilanski & Associates team to get our audience to the front line.

Booking this meeting will be a valuable resource for you whether you are looking for one-time insights or an ongoing partner. Either way, you will leave with a perspective that only comes from continually serving taxpayers along their financial journey.
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