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What Do You Get:

An opportunity to recommend Back-Door Roths to clients and prospects, backed by a SYSTEM for making sure they are done correctly, thus cementing your role as their most trusted advisor.

This system for Back-Door Roth Conversions solves the following:

  • Is this client eligible for doing a Back-Door Roth?
  • Will I make a mistake in this process that will cause the client tax headaches for years?
  • How much of this process can my TEAM handle?
  • How will I know if the Back-Door Roth was done correctly?

To help answer these and other questions we hear from advisors, for the first time, we’ve made one of our most requested tools available to great advisors like you who are not yet RTS members.

Plus the bonuses:

  • BONUS: 2023 RTS Desktop Tax Guide
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