Secure Act 2.0 and Your Practice
How To Create A 90-day Tax Game Plan
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January 25th, 2023
09:00 AM PST
Steven Jarvis, CPA
Retirement Tax Services CEO 
and Head CPA 
The Retirement Tax Podcast
Matthew Jarvis, CFP®
The Perfect RIA Co-Founder
Jarvis Financial Services CEO
Author of "Delivering Massive Value"


With SECURE 2.0 being signed into law, every blogger, podcaster, media outlet and self-proclaimed tax guru is on overdrive trying to make the biggest headlines, but what does 
this all mean for YOU, YOUR CLIENTS and YOUR PRACTICE?


The Industry’s lead CPA-For-Advisors, Steven Jarvis will walk you through exactly what Secure Act 2.0 means in your practice. 

No theory, no obscure tax code references or ‘wait and see’, but rather specific, actionable advice you can take in your practice today, including:
  • Letters you can white label to your clients explaining Secure 2.0.
  • A flowchart for processing RMDs in your office.
  • Scripts for talking to clients who are still years away from RMDs.
  • ​Using RMDs as a guide for Roth Conversions for clients of all ages.
In addition to a Secure Act 2.0 action plan, we will walk you through other essential Q1/Q2 tax activities including:
  • How to get tax returns from every client.
  • How to keep the CPA back from being backed over the top of you.
  • Getting Brownie Points with Tax Preparers serving your clients.



  • RTS 2023 Desktop Tax Guide.
  • ​Prospect Gift idea for Next-Level Advisors.
  • ​Systems and Processes from ‘Highly Efficient, Hyper Profitable’ advisor, Matthew Jarvis, who will be giving away 10 copies of his newly released book, Delivering Massive Value.
Secure Act 2.0 is yet another opportunity for you to Deliver Massive Value to clients and prospects 
BUT it’s also an opportunity for your competition!

At RTS one of our core values is “do what works”, so on January 25th at 9 am PST, we’ve invited special guest 
Matthew Jarvis, CFP to join our very own Steven Jarvis, CPA, to get tactical on this topic. 

As a BONUS, Matthew will share the process he uses at his financial planning firm 
and the updates he is making because of Secure 2.0.
*FREE for RTS Essentials and Premiere Members (auto-registration)
Recording will be available for a review for one week after the power session


“Ask your clients for their tax returns” might feel like the easy answer to get this done, but if it were easy everyone would be doing it and we would quit talking about it. 

Asking is an important starting point (if you aren’t currently asking, PLEASE start there, RIGHT NOW), but great Advisors know it takes more than that.

 - What if a client has a CPA and doesn’t understand why they should share the return with you?
 - What if you’ve never talked about tax planning before and you have headtrash about suddenly asking for them?
 - What if you’ve asked and asked and no one follows through?
 - What if you’re at 50% of your clients providing returns and everyone else has told you no?
 - What if you aren’t confident you can actually deliver value on every return and don’t want your clients to think you wasted their time?

Join our next power session on January 25th @ 9am PST as Steven Jarvis, CPA and Matthew Jarvis, CFP knock down all of these concerns to help Advisors take a huge step forward in delivering massive value through tax planning.

Even better, that’s just one small piece of what they will cover. They have worked with hundreds of Advisors to level up their tax planning game so they know what to recommend to help you get client tax returns and then will spend the rest of the session going deep on a 90-day game plan for tax planning, including Secure 2.0.

Register today and save your seat so you are ready to crush tax planning for 2023.
*FREE for RTS Essentials and Premiere Members (auto-registration)
Recording will be available for a review for one week after the power session


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Retirement Tax Services CEO and Head CPA 
The Retirement Tax Podcast
Steven works exclusively with Financial Advisors and their clients to help them not-overpay the IRS. His approach to combine tax preparation with tax planning makes him the CPA that Advisors and clients look forward to working with. Steven’s new book “Don’t Get Killed on Taxes” just hit Amazon for pre-order and is a great example of the ways that Steven is working to educate taxpayers on tax planning.
Matthew Jarvis, CFP®
Jarvis Financial Services
The Perfect RIA Podcast
Author of "Delivering Massive Value"
Matthew Jarvis, CFP is the owner and lead advisor of Jarvis Financial Services (JFS), an RIA that Michael Kitces described in his podcast as a “hyper-efficient, highly-profitable, lifestyle practice”. In 2022 JFS did just shy of $2,000,000 in gross revenue at a 50%+ profit margin, with a four person team. Being a lifestyle practice, JFS did this revenue while Jarvis himself took more than 150 ‘free-days’ (254 if you include weekends). 
Like you, we are committed to delivering massive value to our clients. If you attend this power session and don’t leave with 10x the value of what you paid to attend, we will gladly refund your investment.
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